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Art Podcasts: For the Love of Listening!

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Art Podcasts: For the Love of Listening!

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While the attention of a major audience was glued to the visual experiences, a few minds made an exception with sound to acquaint you and me with an alternative to experiencing the arts. Not only did this bring a new means of engaging with the arts, but it also brought back the aura that oral traditions had carried for centuries. The energy found in the 80’s was one that found its way into the ears of future generations in the form of “podcasts” – until it became quite the echo.

Art was no more something only to be looked at, read or discussed about. It was now a collection of tracks and recorded conversations, which packaged a passion for art and its beautifully haunting significance. From episodes of information to stories from a technologically exposed reality, art podcasts became the key to professing every nook and corner in the arts to be explored.

With a possible sound arrangement now lingering in your ears, we are pleased to introduce you to our love for an alternate reality of the arts which combines several realities, known or unknown – one of art podcasts!

Episode 1: A Little Perspective

As a breeze of ruminations from creatives, practitioners, artists and even spectators, art podcasts are an inspiring trend to be plugged into any sound system and consumed.

The locations of these podcasts could play a game of Twister on a map, but when you join the dots, it makes meaning out of visuals by accompanying you to every shade, technique and inspiration that has allowed you to picture the arts and blend into a crowd of unfamiliar names and terms.

Podcast hosts have found multiple angles to the world of art and their list seems to remain unexhausted after a range of episodes and an equal amount of conversations stirred by them. Whether it is from a corner of their rooms or from a quiet garden, the records of their viewpoint never cease to amaze. We have two of them with us as we unfold their carpet of ideas to take you along!

Episode 2: MASH Podcast

Developing a common platform for the voices of various artists, designers, architects, photographers and creative practitioners from across the world is a mission realised by MASH Podcast with every feature.

MASH Podcast, Waswo X Waswo: The Outsider Insider Speaks. Courtesy: MASH India

Talking about venturing into audio as a medium to present art, they said, “This was a new avenue for MASH India. To find viewership into something that isn’t a visual medium was like getting into choppy waters for us. To build an audience for our podcasts from scratch was definitely new, but we’re sailing smooth so far. We’ve had the support of the art community and have built a regular audience for our podcast organically. Our main focus has only been to create content that can be devoured by the mass and can be approached with ease.”

Within the scripts and voices of thirteen artists and practitioners, MASH’s “Artist Series” has been an archive of achievement in documenting the creative journeys that would be represented only visually. On another trajectory, MASH has now been exploring a subject that would spread the culture of Indian Art History into simple words with intricate modulations.

MASH Podcast, Rina Dhaka: Time Stands Still. Courtesy: MASH India

When asked about their upcoming podcast, “Indian Art History”, they said, “The main objective of creating this podcast was to increase the understanding of

Indian Art among the masses. We look at it as an audio resource that will aid the

understanding of the culture and art of India for people from all walks of life, be it a

student, a casual enthusiast or a person with an art history background. This is one

of a kind as something like this has never been attempted before. To normalise art

education and knowledge for the upcoming generations who show a lot of interest

in accessing the audio-based media.”

MASH Podcast, Indian Art History, Episode one – Ways of Seeing Indian Art. Courtesy: MASH India

MASH Podcasts blend with their hosts and themes in order to understand and appreciate the arts with a new depth and curiosity. They have coloured the episodes as well as the minds of their listeners with a new perspective of art.

Episode 3: Art For Your Ear

Danielle Krysa, Art For Your Ear by The Jealous Curator. Courtesy: Danielle Krysa

Having begun with a mission to turn jealousy into an audio-visual inspiration, Danielle Krysa took a chance in 2009 with “Art For Your Ear by The Jealous Curator”, with a plan to attract interest towards rare facts and secrets from the world of contemporary art and turn them into a companion for morning coffee or casual strolls. Being intrigued by her themes within that duration would not be as difficult thereafter.

Discussing how the podcast engages with art enthusiasts, Danielle said, “My hope is that Art For Your Ear let’s people ‘behind the curtain’ of the art world. To hear working artists share their stories makes you realize that – wait for it – they’re just people! Yes, they’re people who are creating works of art, and showing all over the world, but they’re also just people with families, bills to pay, and kids to drop off at school. The art world can feel inaccessible a lot of the time, and it shouldn’t be. Art is for everyone, whether you’re making it or appreciating it.”

Danielle Krysa, Art For Your Ear: Episode No. 127 with Amy Sherald. Courtesy: Danielle Krysa

From the concept behind “Art For Your Ear” to the dynamic roles of individuals in the it, The Jealous Curator has seen life-changing moments in the arts, with episodes such as the ones featuring artist Amy Sherald right after she painted Michelle Obama’s official portrait and Danielle’s mother, with special insights because of being the first audience to see her in action.

Danielle Krysa, Art For Your Ear: Episode No. 82 with Judi Cumming (aka, my mom). Courtesy: Danielle Krysa

On asking her how the podcast has led to multiple perspectives, she said, “Every artist has their own unique background, and a different road they took to get where they are now. By having all of these perspectives, I hope that people realize there are so many ways to live a creative life. You don’t have to have been making it since you came out of the womb, and – spoiler alert – not everyone goes to art school. All of those excuses get tossed out the window when you hear successful artists share their often non-linear paths.”

According to Danielle, her conversation with artist Wayne White changed her life as well as the presences in her works. What remains special throughout is the manner in which she shares experiences – big or small – with her listeners, thus feeling the same emotions with them.

It is possible that you were only getting to know audiobooks on your music player when this experience reached you. However, art podcasts embody an auditory kaleidoscope full of evirtual interactions and discourses that would remain relevant for a long time. And thus, they cannot be missed.

Episode 5: What’s New?

If you’re a beginner, find some of our personal favourites here to let your ears travel from the nearby antique shop and original texts by artists read out for bedtime to illustrious museums and monuments that stand tall for preserving the origin of the magic that are the arts.

In the meanwhile, we’ll let you in on a secret: some fascinating conversations about the arts happening at our very own Art Fervour verandah might reach your ears soon. Stay tuned!

Looking forward to your listenership!

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