Architects and Firms That Built Modern Bombay

3 Mar 2024 - 10 Mar 2024

Event excerpt

An exhibition honouring the architects and firms who built Bombay through the 1930s-50s, with a progressive vision for a modern way of life. Several of them were the first generation of Indian architects, graduating from homegrown schools like Sir J. J. School of Art. Much of the built form of the city they designed and envisioned still stands tall, and have provided Mumbaikars with a quality of life they have enjoyed for decades. Yet, they have never been identified or acknowledged for their singular contribution in shaping modern Bombay. As significant as they were, this exhibition is an attempt to transition the narrative from the masters of Neo-Gothic and Indo-Saracenic, and bring attention to architects who eventually had a much wider footprint on the city.

It comprises rare records and information on the architects, the buildings they designed, their practices, professional collaborations, and more. It is based on the last 7 years of work undertaken by Art Deco Mumbai Trust, building a repository of information from archival journals, newspapers, oral histories, books, and photo documentation. Come by to engage with the people who built the city, their ideologies and vision, and the ethos of professional collaboration they enjoyed with each other. Enjoy a chance to see material contributed by family members of these architects, like plaques, original drawings, photographs and personal memorabilia hitherto unseen. Join us for a curatorial walkthrough (date and time mentioned in the programme below) to appreciate the finer nuances of the exhibition.


10:30 am – 6:00 pm


Durbar Hall, the Asiatic Society of Mumbai, Shahid Bhagat Singh Rd, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001

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