Bombay Tilts Down - CAMP

Bombay Tilts Down - CAMP

Bombay Tilts Down - CAMP

Event excerpt

CAMP’s monumental seven channel installation ‘Bombay Tilts Down’ for the first time in its home city of Mumbai, during Mumbai Gallery Weekend.

A landscape movie in facets, ‘Bombay Tilts Down’ was filmed from a single-point location by a CCTV camera atop a 35-floor building in South-Central Mumbai during the pandemic. Six camera moves that begin in unstable skies and at sea, and descend “into the ordinary” via vertical landscapes filled with unfinished city landmarks, persistent settlements, details without end. A new pact between people, camera and the city.

Its music, haunted by sirens and poets, is by Tushar Adhav (Bamboy) who grew up in Lalbaug, Parel.

‘Bombay Tilts Down’ was commissioned by The Nam June Paik Art Center and the 2022 Kochi-Muziris Biennale.


Sassoon Docks, Colaba

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