Art memes, facts, art persona quiz, social media handles, editorials all this need to be made into QR codes and placed anywhere in campus where people can view it. No minimum requirements, just randomly place it in the campus.

This task can be approached as a bedtime social media scroll that we all do in these ways:

  1. Share the blog post you liked on our website, and memes that we do as your stories, and then put up a story with a QR code so that people who engage with the previous post have the curiosity to check it out.
  2. Ask your friends if they have plans on weekend. Then share the QR code for current events and see if they would like to visit. Go have fun at the event with your OG gang.
  3. Share memes with your friends and ask if they would like to make some on Art Fervour. Then share the gaming QR code. Host a Art Meme Regime

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