Introduction of AF to 30 new students. Make them find their Art Persona

Finding your Art Persona is a way to in art and perhaps build connections with people with similar interests.

The best way to approach this task is to have it as a casual hangout, perhaps as a
conversation while sipping chai during break-time in the cafeteria. You don’t even have to
tell people it’s a part of the SAP program until you are ready to share that information. Here
are a few suggestions for how you might approach this.

  1. Organise group discussions. Groups can be formed based on Art Personas. Students can discuss Art & artists, or debate topics about Art.
  2. Students can share their Art Personas and have hangouts based on them as a theme.
  3. Make a WhatsApp group of people with similar Art Personas, and see if their interests, playlists, and understanding of art have similarities. This could also open up a platform to share ideas.

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